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KUL KU32085 Portable Air Conditioner

Best price found: $299.00
BTU's: 8,500
EER: 8.2
Cooling power used (watts):  
Noise level:  
Number of fan speeds: 3
Heater: No
Self-evaporating: Yes
Water tank:  
Moisture removal per day (pints):  
Timer: 24 hr
Hose type:  
Size - Volume (cubic feet),
5.81 c.f.
19" x 16.5" x 32"
Weight: 57 lbs
(25.85 kg) lbs.
From the Manufacturer:
  • 8500 BTU Portable Air Conditioner
  • Easy rolling casters
  • Self evaporating unit
  • Multi-function (fan / dehumidifier)
  • Digital display

Reviews of KUL KU32085 Portable Air Conditioner


We Bought this last year and loved it. Its noisy but it cooled the bedroom and we got used to its noise. But after storing it in the attic thru winter and trying to set up again particularly with plastc hose back connection, it proved to be a real problem. The hose connection in back of unit (that attaches to your window) doesn't stay attached. I challenge anybody to figure out how to make that hose stay connected in order for the machine to work. Somehow the back accordian style hose is supposed to screw on!! The only way we could get it to stay on was with builders gray tape, And plenty of it to make sure it was covering any gaps. Other than that, if you can get the plastic hose connected properly (with tape), it works great and cools in about 3 min.

Works great (Janine V, 7/7/2012)

I love it.. I only use air without water. Its perfect for my home office where my pc's make my office hot at times. I do not even have it on the lowest temp and I am freezing in here. I do not think it would work the best in larger rooms though.

great with swamp coolers (Rich, 7/1/2012)

Great addition to those using evaporative coolers, especially during monsoon season when the humidity cuts the efficiency of the swamp cooler. The fact it is using the cooler air in the home to cool the coils and exhausting that air outside makes it much more efficient than window units. I tried several and this one worked the best and was the most quiet.

works great (Jeff, 5/5/2012)

We use this AC on our boat and it works great. Replacing the marine AC unit would cost over $1200. This one was $300 and works better than the marine AC. It will cool the entire salon in our 38 foot boat.

sensor trouble in water resevoir (Val D, 8/9/2011)

liked this unit until it stopped working, cools with both modes, A/C and dehumifier. Empty resevoirs,still won't work except fan mode. Can't find repair person and company not returning call. Only 1 yr old. DeLonghi unit A110 much better, 3yrs, no problem, but filters a little more work to remove and clean, but worth it to me.

Does the job (KUL Customer, 9/23/2010)

Bought the unit to cool my R/V. Works great. Also have used it in my office (16x14) and it did just fine. -Tampa Florida in August.

kul a/c unit (Anonymous, 7/11/2010)

for 239 dollars it is good. we got a discount at lowes

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The BEST models have:
  • 3 fan/cooling speeds.
  • A 24-hour timer.
  • Self-evaporation technology.
  • A remote control.
  • An EER of 10 or higher.
  • A noise level less than 50 dBa.

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