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Everstar MPK-10CR Portable Air Conditioner

Best price found: $499.00
BTU's: 10,000
EER: 9.5
Cooling power used (watts): 1050
Noise level: 44 dBa
Number of fan speeds: 3
Heater: No
Self-evaporating: Yes
Water tank:  
Moisture removal per day (pints): 76 pints
Timer: 24 hr
Hose type: Single
Size - Volume (cubic feet),
4.44 c.f.
12.8" x 18.1" x 33.1"
Weight: 81 lbs
(36.74 kg) lbs.
Notes: Has remote
From the Manufacturer:  

Reviews of Everstar MPK-10CR Portable Air Conditioner

Awesome! (Wanda B, 7/22/2012)

Mine works beautifully! To my cheap Landlord who lets the Energy Co. govern his utilities, UP YOURS!!!!! It was 107degres yesterday and our Central Air unit was off for over 8 hours. It was wonderful to have my unit still as a handy backup!

Running over 5 years now (Brandi B, 7/12/2012)

I'm kind of confused as to why so many people have needed replacement parts. My husband and I received this AC from my parents. My parents ran it for at least five years now. We set the unit so it shuts off after reaching a certain temp (so we are not up and down all day and night turning it on and off) and the remote works pretty well. The tube does get really warm but it doesn't effect the cooling. We dump the water every morning and night.. Not a lot of humidity here so maybe that's why we don't get too much water. Love this thing! I'm a light sleeper and I can sleep easily with it on. To be honest.. It's one of the quietest I've heard it a long time. I'd recommend it to anyone and when it does go out I'd plan to buy the same one. Also night if you live in a house like we do.. We live in a log home that has scarce windows and the windows we do have are not very compatible with window AC's... Running the hose through the window works out perfect for us.
A+ machine in my book!

Supreme (Johy Ly, 5/11/2012)

cools room no problem, Very cold air, dependable and reliable, I run a hose directly out the back for never fill bucket , that way it will always dispense water from the hose

2 units- 2 sump pumps don't work after 3 yrs (Anonymous, 8/2/2011)

Product worked great and created enough white noise so that I could sleep through the day and not have every little noise wake me up. Over the last year both sump pumps have stopped working and it led to putting the unit up on a crate to make drainage easier.

Having trouble finding the sump pump on-line. You can purchase it from china directly if you buy 500 units. http://xmawin.en.alibaba.com/product/300423392-209992327/Garden_pump_with_fountain_kit_FP_AP1300.html

You can also buy it if you live in Europe from a store in the UK but when you try to register it doesn't give the option for the USA so that tells me they don't ship here. http://www.tnl-aquaworld.co.uk/epages/Store_Shop784.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/Store.Shop784/Products/AP1300

Tried contacting the company many many many times over the years by phone and e-mails, tech support never returned voice mails...it's like they never work...I'm thinking of taking the old pump to an aquarium store and find something similiar

Doesn't Cool Anything (Jeff, 7/25/2011)

I got this unit from a friend who said it worked well. She had it probably a year before she gave it to me. I can't seem to get it to do anything but blow room temp. air. ANY IDEAS ??

Stopped working (Connie, 7/2/2011)

2 years old, plugged it in yesterday,na baby na. I should at least get some money back shouldnt I or should I say we?At least the scrappers wil get something out of it.

Bit noisey, but cools a small room (Sandy, 6/22/2011)

This unit is a little loud, but the alternative of sweating to death in 100+ degree heat is not an option. We looked into central heat/air and at a cost of 15,000+ we decided to wing it and try this, have been using it for 3 years now and it hasn't let us down.

NOISY FAN (Thomas G Casey, 5/10/2011)

WE are very pleased with the unit and have been for three summers.. Now suddenly it has become so noisy at high we have to shut it down. Evidently there is a bearing going on on the fan...need to know who to call and get it fixed...so far no leaking...We have helped sell four of these to friends in Texas and Florida through Home Depot.

Loud motor too much hassel (Mike 1/17/2011)

Way too pricey for the perform[ance] save your cash wish I had my receipt

finding parts (mike b, 10/9/2010)

lower exhaust motoe is burned out. need replacement.
had to remove 35 screws to get motor out. hope i can remember where the all go. ha ha ha ha. if anyone knows a place in the u.s. for parts, please let me know. thanks

Water Drain Bucket Stopped Filling (Greg, 8/24/2010)

Had the unit for about three or four years now. Worked great up until this year (only use three to four months a year). Have always had to re-insert water bucket a few times after emptying in order to engage the the switch that stops it when the bucket is full (sounds like a common problem) but this was a minor nuisance. This year the bucket stopped filling. I took it apart and found that there is a small 'aquarium' pump in the bottom tray that pumps water to the top of the bucket when activated by a level switch. The pump was bad. Still looking for a replacement pump, I may end up adapting another style aquairum pump (from local pet store) if I can't find an exact replacement....

all in all, its ok (Shazam, 8/13/2010)

Cools our living room very nicely. Haven't had leaking problems except when we lost the bottom plug. Now, a disposable foam earplug has sealed it up quite nicely. Now I'm looking for plastic tubing to continously drain as we lost that as well. Keep the parts where you can find them! I have to empty the drain pan about every 2 hours (very humid here). I strongly second the recommendation on insulating the exhaust tubing - it gets very hot. One other thing, after you replace the drain canister after emptying, you, sometimes the air conditioner will not kick back on (P1 error message). I just take it back out and reseat it until the error message goes off.

Shuts Off (Joann, 8/13/2010)

I was given my unit and told it works great. It did for 24 hours, then the full tank red light came on, yet the tank was empty. I have the unit draining out the back directly into a drain. Digital message said P2, but there is no plug or water draining out the bottom. Unit shut off and was very hot. Presses reset on plug and the unit worked again for a 1/2 hour before the same thing happened. I unplugged it and hooked up the window unit. Any suggestions on how to correct what is wrong?

Another Leaker (Lynn, 7/28/2010)

I've had this unit for a couple of years now. It has always had problems recognizing that the reservoir has been emptied. I could live with that. But now it dumps most of its water onto my living room carpet from somewhere underneath the unit. Oh, and Mike, YOU are the moron here.

how to fix leak at bottem drain (Roger, 7/24/2010)

the bottem drain tube is for the over flow resivor if you you are having problems with the bottem drain leaking plug the top drain tube and hook drain hose to bottem one this is only for the in basement set up where you have the drain going into a bucket or drain line running to your house hold drain system

Found parts (Deena, 7/22/2010)

I guess Midea is the company name.

worked fine for three years (Laura, 7/19/2010)

Had the unit about 3 years.I just called the company after my unit leaked on the floor for the first time and he said the little motor inside can get stuck and wont pump the water from the bottom tray to the side tray where you can remove it. He said we could either take it to a service place or take the front and back cover off and just clean the motor so it can suck again. He said its the same motor that is in the cheapie fountains people have on their desks so....it just needs a little maitenance.
@Mike: YOU'RE a moron AND a idiot but I think you already knew that..(just had to say that).

Garbage - Don't Buy (Bryan, 7/18/2010)

Did not do a great job when it worked, and after a couple of years it no longer works. NO support from the company. Stores that sell this should be ashamed, this far too expensive of a product to not have support.

everstar ac (irish kidd, 7/17/2010)

this has to be the worst piece of crap i have ever bought

Piece of junk (Anonymous, 7/12/2010)

I bought this unit about 2 years ago and it worked fine. Now this summer, it decided to not work like it should. the bucket doesn't fill properly at all and it leaks even when the bucket is still empty. I wish I could get at least half of my money back!!

Not what I expect. (W. Clark, 7/6/2010)

10,000BTU unit doesn't even keep my 10x14 livingroom cooled. Have been catching the leaking water in a pan I used to change my car engine oil. Unit is noisy. I am looking to sell this unit ASAP.

Rubber Stopper (Aboye, 7/5/2010)

Lost rubber stopper moving can find replacement at HD,ace,menards,or company website!!!worked well until now

Oops! (Rod, 7/3/2010)

Used the unit in a very small IT room, and it lasted (1) year before the "LEAKING" began. It seems that the upper internal tray is cracked? How this happened is a mystery because the unit is never touched or moved?

Tips (Tom, 6/5/2010)

Learned this trick during the storms of 04 an 05. Wrap the exhaust with an al. emergency blanket to stop heat loss. Put another blanket in the windows. This will increase the efficency 2 fold. Fan runs after shut off to dry out AC. Let it run for 2 hours on fan only to dry out the unit.

Cooling stops after 5 minutes (SB, 5/14/2010)

I bought this unit for band practic i the garage. Used it 6 day last year. Plugged it in yesterday, cools for first 5 minutes then blows nothing but HOT air. Everything is clean and no damage to unit. Must be quality China product? Any ideas or is junk yard bound?

Piece of Junk (Chris, 4/18/2010)

I Used it one summer and it really did not cool the room all that great. I just pulled it out for another summer and the air does not get very cool. Piece of []

Stopped working (Diane, 4/8/2010)

We've had this unit for almost 4 years, when we tried to turn it on this season, it was broken for no reason. We didn't like having to empty it every 3 hours, and it eventually continuously displayed P3- the inner piece was broken that measured the water level. We rigged it by taping the loose piece which held us over for a while. Now that it won't turn on at all we've bought an LG. This product is great when it works, but we buy things that last.

Expensive but nice alternative to window units (JD, 9/19/2009)

Midea Corp website is useless.

Our MK-10CR was great when we first got it in 2005. This last summer it worked but actually started to suck the water out of our toilets allowing sewer gas into our place!

HERE is where to find parts and service for Everstar units!

Editor's note: We received an e-mail from Mr. Blank with contact info for Everstar units. The parent company is Midea Corp. We have added their information to our manufacturers page here. We hope this helps, and we thank Mr. Blank for the information!

You have to take apart and clean often (Ron, 8/3/2009)

I head maintenance where I work and we have two of these units. Both have leaked and found that they get slime down around the drain and clog causing the unit to leak on to the floor. We have had these about three years and the exaust fan just went out. Can't seem to locate parts for them so I am assuming these China made A/C units are throw away's because parts are not available.Work pretty good, but are labor intense.There are about a thousand screws holding these things together.Pretty easy to work on but as I mentioned before, parts are hard to find.The exaust fan screws are so rusted and deteriorated that even if I could find the motor I will need to drill out the screws holding the motor in.The reason the motor went bad is because it is in a wet environment and the motor is open for moisture. Probably not a good design in hignsight.

P1 ISSUES (Ruby, 8/28/2009)

Have owned this unit for 5 years; works great; however sensor not recognizing when bucket is emptied and replaced. Still get error message; anyone else have this issue?

Loud and Leaky (G. Brown, 8/24/2009)

This darn thing leaks at the bottom like you left a hose on in your room. It is to loud to leave on at night when you sleep.
All in all its the worst use for $500 bucks I ever spent.
Home Depot should give everyone their money back!

Parts Availability (Jeanne, 8/24/2009)

Rubber "stoppers" fell off when moved = can not find replacements - Home Depot, Lowes, etc.

Unit worked well but replacements need to be accessible!

Cools fine, but... (Dave, 8/3/2009)

Mine leaks as well, I will be trying the idea about the wine stopper to see if that will correct it, however, I do have a problem that I can't figure out. When I try to power off the unit, it turns the compressor off, but the fan keeps running and the only way for me to shut the fan down is unplug it. Am I missing something???

To "anonymous" (Meliza, 7/20/09)

My parent's in-law purchased our everstar portable A/C at costco. I'm sure if you go to costco store and ask who is the manufacture or the sister company.

Great Unit (Anonymous, 7/3/2009)

Had the unit pulling 24/7 for about 3 years. Worked like a champ but the exhaust fan just died. Looking to replace motor any ideas where I can get one?
[Editor's note: Other reviewers have commented that they are unable to contact the manufacturer, and we can't either. If anyone has an answer to this reviewer's question, or knows how to contact Everstar or the maker of Everstar units, even an internaional phone number, please write to webmaster@portableacguide.com .]

Not a moron- really leaks! (Joanna, 6/26/09)

I have had this unit for 3 years. It is loud but most window units also are. I also have another portable unit made by Sharp which is super quiet compared to this one, but also does not cool as well.

Contrary to what "mike" says, the unit DOES leak, even for people who are NOT idiots and morons and DO understand how an a/c works. I have tried to replace the plug in the bottom with a rubber wine stopper (the kind from a vacuum sealing kit, fits on the outside of the opening as opposed to plugging up the inside like a cork) and this eliminated all but the occasional drip. Plastic drain tubing that fits inside this tube (not the one that came with the unit- look in Home Depot in the plumbing aise to find clear plastic tubing in various sizes) also works provided that you can drain it into someting lower than floor level (if you try to direct the tubing up and out through a window, you will discover gravity and the water accumulates in the tank just like it would if the unit were plugged up and only kind of leaking). For whatever reason, it's impossible to find a replacement plug that will actually work on this unit (thank you, China!) and my original deteriorated which is what I believe started the leaking in the first place.

If you have hardwood floors, put a doggie piddle pad or a washer/dryer drainage pan or something else under the unit to protect your floors, unless you want nicely warped hardwood.
Otherwise, the unit is great, it's much nicer to have unobstructed windows and the wheels make it easier to move and store the unit when it's out of season. Cools faster and better than the Sharp portable, but is much louder and the Sharp is tankless (no container to empty every few hours) and doesn't leak.

People complaining about leak are morons (Mike, 6/24/2009)

Listen, part of the job of this fabulous machine is to pull the humidity out of the air. The water leaking out of the back isn't "leaking". You have the option of either running a drainage hose out the back or letting the bucket fill. You morons wondering where the water is coming from have no concept of what an a/c unit does and you shouldn't be allowed to own one. I bought my unit 2nd hand after it was WELL used and it hasn't failed me yet. One of the best buys I've ever made

Cooling (Brian, 5/26/09)

Stopped cooling after about three years, not covered by warrantee and is not repairable. I had to buy a new unit.

It leaks water (Adrian, 5/19/09)

it get the room cool but leaks water from a grey plastic tube in the back it mess up the floor.

Not worth $500.00 (Karl, 3/23/2009)

Water leaks out of the bottom of unit. I had to elevate the unit off the floor,take back off the unit place a tube in where the water leaks to bottom and then find a tube at hardware store and drain out of the hole that came with a little black plug. Terrible design.

Cool in OC (TallinCA, 4/2/2009)

Use the unit in a small apt bedroom where you cannot put in a window unit. Loud but you get used [to it] and need to wake up at 5am to empty out the water. Window vent not all that smooth but does work and cool.

Stopped Cooling (Nicstal, 8/21/2008)

Just my luck that my 2 portable air conditioners broke within days of each other (see Sharp CV-P10MX). The Everstar is about 3 years old and just stopped cooling last night. Customer Service weren't much help, but at least there is someone close by that can repair it in about 2 weeks or so.

Leaking at bottom (Robert, July 22 2008)

Water leaked onto floor, so I placed a small wooden platform into a large plastic container and placed the portable air conditioner on top of it. I have to use a turkey baster to suck up the water that accumulates in bottom of the plastic container. The container collects about a gallon of water a couple of times in 24 hours. The black rubber plugs are both tightly in place on the back and I empty the plastic drawer in the side as it fills. Where is this water coming from? I looked at the bottom of the unit and I can't find its source. What a design!

Leaky (Al: July 7, 2008)

Has a drain hose, but the hole that the hose goes onto isn't the spillage pipe. It leaks from a small plastic pipe on the rear center bottom portion of the unit. It will flood!

Leaky (Paul: June 24, 2008)

Water leaks out of little hole on bottom! Your floor will be flooded if you don't figure out a way to prevent it.

Best $500 we've ever spent

We have had this product for over a year. It is the best $500 we've ever spent. It will definitely cool down your room!
We have it sitting on wall to wall carpeting and have never had any problems with water spillage.

It leaks onto floor

Cools fine, but water leaks out of a pipe at bottom of unit that is not the one the drain line is hooked to.

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  • 3 fan/cooling speeds.
  • A 24-hour timer.
  • Self-evaporation technology.
  • A remote control.
  • An EER of 10 or higher.
  • A noise level less than 50 dBa.

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