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Everstar MPA-08CR Portable Air Conditioner

Best price found: $390.00
BTU's: 8,000
EER: 9.4
Cooling power used (watts): 850
Noise level: 54 dBa
Number of fan speeds: 3
Heater: Yes
Water tank:  
Moisture removal per day (pints): 52 pints
Hose type: Single
Size - Volume (cubic feet),
5.19 c.f.
15.3" x 18" x 32.7"
Weight: 84 lbs
(38.1 kg) lbs.
Notes: Has remote, oscillating louvers
From the Manufacturer: Unit made to cool up to 250-300 sq. ft.
Comes with 3 cooling settings and 3 fan speeds.

2-Way Air Deflection.

We have seen models with a 5 year in-home warranty when purchased at Home Depot.

Everstar models are made by the same Chinese manufacturer as Danby.

Reviews of Everstar MPA-08CR Portable Air Conditioner

On its' 6 year and running great. (Ron S, 7/7/2012)

Bought this unit at home depot at a clearance price. cools my bedroom very well with little noise. rather big and heavy but I figure it would be very hard to steal something this size. Lol

don't buy this AC (Rafael, 7/7/2012)

This AC id not good don't buy it. I have it for 2 yrs and it's been the worst buy in a long time for me. when the temp is in the 70's it works OK, but when it gets to 80's and high humidity it does not work well. The duct to carry out the hot air is webbed with a very fragile material. it constantly breaks and nobody carries it.

Working great (J Ball, 5/156/2012)

We have had this unit for over 4 years and it still works great.

Finding parts... (R. Browne, 4/18/2012)

Unit seems to work well. When it runs it is quiet. Seems to extract moisture well but does run continous. Main problem is I cannot find parts for this beast anywhere. I've delt with home depot before and I wouldn't waste my time trying to find out where parts are from them as everytime I have called them they say "I don't know"?!!?? Anyone know where to find parts? Evaporator motors are common to go out eventually.

blah (Angela, 7/21/2011)

well i have had mine for about 4years and when the weather is manageable outside its great however when we reach 90's+ the thing sucks it shuts off and just blows like a fan no cold air comes out nor does it cool the room. It sucks would not recomend if you want to stay cool not gonna do the job!

Disappointed! Only lasted two summers! (Richard, 7/6/2011)

Worked great for two years then fan would not work on high only on medium causing the heat exchanger coil to overheat and shut off the compressor. I would not recommend this AC to anyone anywhere. Piece of crap!

DO NOT BUY THIS GARBAGE! (Michael, 6/5/2010)

My Everstar piece of trash lasted 3 months before it stopped cooling. I have owned several portable ac units and this was by far the worst piece of crap. I always keep the filters clean, the water bucket empty and the fins dust-free.

It's louder than any other portable ac unit i've ever had and probably louder than a jet. Mine no longer cools after 3 months.


Pick up a Whynter, Haier or a Regal Sovereign instead!

Works pretty well (M. Tucci, 4/21/2010)

My husband and I bought our unit back in 2006, I am needing a replacement exhaust hose. Neither Home Depot or Lowe's carries the size we need. Any suggestions.

HERE is where to find parts and service for Everstar units!

Editor's note: We received an e-mail from Mr. Blank with contact info for Everstar units. The parent company is Midea Corp. We have added their information to our manufacturers page here. We hope this helps, and we thank Mr. Blank for the information!

Rating B+ (Karol, 6/22/2009)

Bought the unit in 2006 - worked great in my 240 sq. ft. room. the first two years. Last year the remote ceased to function, and I can't find a source for a replacement. Unable to contact the company for support.

Nice (Bert, 6/4/09)

I wrapped the exhaust hose with sticky insulation foam tape and voila, no problemo.It helps if you use the hose to perpetually evacuate the water so you wont have to empty the tank.The tank filling up fast shows you how efficient this unti is as a dehumififer too.

Control panel not working (GM, 6/2/2009)

Bought 2 of this model 3 years ago at Home Depot. Last year the control panel went blank all of a sudden. It still light up. From bypassing part of the control board, I was able to get the fan to operate a just 1 speed. I determined that the control board is bad. The unit had previously worked pretty well and I would like to replace the control board instead of throwing out the entire unit. Tried contacting the company about where to purchase one but had no luck in obtaining feedback. If anyone has any idea where I can obtain another control board I would appreciate it. Please email me if you know.
[Editor's note: Please use our contact form on this site to send this information if you have it, and we will forward it to the reviewer]

Piece of chinese crap, don't waste your money! (Robert, 5/9/09)

I purchased this piece of crap two years ago from Home Depot, the unit runs hot the water fills-up too quickly and if you are not there to dump it, the fan cycles and the room heats up again. A true chinese piece of crap. Too make things worse, have tried to contact midea? Good luck, they are worthless as well! Stay away, stay far away! I failed too mention, it no longer cools, I'm so glad I spent $400.00 for a piece of chinese CRAP!

Don't buy (8/21/2008)

I have it at home, the very same model, it cools you if you are just in front of it, but generates too much heat in the room I double and triple checked the back an put some duct tape to keep the hot air from invading the room and still does not work well!

Help! Can't get red light off (Phyllis, 8/6/2008)

The 1st unit didn't work when I got it installed so took back. This unit has been great until last night.
When I emptied the water and replaced the bucket the red light doesn't go out so the only thing working is the fan. Help! Have manual,says nothing,no hot line #, No part #.Could something have broken and fallen inside? I don't know what it should look like. I'm at a loss as to what to do. Home Depot knows NOTHING.

Great buy (Ryna, July 20, 2008)

Bought this unit to cool my upstairs room in the summer and it worked great. The guy that mentioned the heat from the duct should of just upgraded it to insulted 5" duct like i did, not hard at all.

Over all a great portable A/C unit.

Disappointment!!! (Clara, July 10, 2008)

I purchased this product around two years ago and it has been a big mistake. It's not working as an air conditioner but rather as a heater, because the heat released by the exhaust pipe is unstandable [sic]. I wouldn't buy this product again, moreover I advise my friends not to buy it.

Outstanding Unit.. Would Purchase Again (Anna: 6/9/2008)

This is a great unit. i would puchase it again. Really does cool off a large room.

Works well (Michael: 6/9/2008)

I am going into year 2 with mine. Cools my office which is in my attic.14'x20' It is a bit loud but it does a great job of cooling and removng the mositure. Have to empty the water bucket 3 times a day - automatically flips to fan only when the bucket is full - will not overfill!


Cools great for its size, but than other models tried.

Great, strong fan that oscillates and spreads air evenly.

Bought it at Home Depot.

Works Great

Everstar was used to cool garage area and it worked very effectively.

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The BEST models have:
  • 3 fan/cooling speeds.
  • A 24-hour timer.
  • Self-evaporation technology.
  • A remote control.
  • An EER of 10 or higher.
  • A noise level less than 50 dBa.

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