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DeLonghi PAC L90 / Pinguino PAC-L90 DISCONTINUED Portable Air Conditioner

Best price found: $499.00
BTU's: 10,000
EER: 8.4
Cooling power used (watts): 1190
Noise level:  
Number of fan speeds:  
Self-evaporating: Yes
Water tank:  
Moisture removal per day (pints):  
Timer: 24 hr
Hose type: Both
Size - Volume (cubic feet),
5.33 c.f.
18" x 16" x 32"
Weight:   lbs.
Notes: Has remote, 3M Filtrete Electrostatic Filter
From the Manufacturer: According to the manufacturer, the DeLonghi PAC L90 unit can be used with a single hose or two hoses for increased efficiency.

The unit uses an electrostatic air filter system from 3M which captures pollen and dust that screen and foam filters may miss.

An adjustable thermostat is designed to allow the customer to customize the cooling settings.

This portable air conditioner unit was featuers both Italian design and engineering.

The no drip technology built into the unit means that it is self-evaporating and does not require the user to empty water manually. The excess moister is expelled through the exhaust house.

The unit also includes and extra large professional caster kit to increase ease of mobility.

This model has been discontinued, although Lowe's still appears to sell it online and in stock. A suitable alternative in the same price range is the DeLonghi PAC C100 / PAC C-100 10,000 BTU portable air conditioner.

Reviews of DeLonghi PAC L90 / Pinguino PAC-L90 DISCONTINUED Portable Air Conditioner

Works perfect. (Anonymous, 8/11/2012

I've read the other reviews. Mine is four years old and works perfect. I gave it 4 out of 5 stars because it is a bit loud. But frankly, the cool air it puts out makes sleeping so comfortable, the noise isn't an issue.

Five years, running strong! (Skip in Washington State, 7/26/2012)

Love my L90 unit. Got it for a "summer" gift, 5 years ago from my father and haven't had a lick of trouble.
Only reason I gave 4-stars is because it is loud...

ser#05101702 (george w, 5/21/2012)

Do not buy anything such as this equiptment from any store that forgets you as soon as you leave! Buy at SEARS!I find them reliable in making you happy with any product they sell.

Good (Anngie Woodward, 5/15/2012)

This is the 4th summer for my machine in use and its been great. My only complaint is that it is so loud that when it turns on in the middle of the night it wakes me up. Also, the replacement filters are almost $100!!

Need Parts

Well mine is still working, but the dog chewed up my exaust hose. If anyone is no longer in need of there hoses and attachments please drop me a line.

Bad product- bad company (RB Johnson, 5/12/2011)

We bought one new summer 2009 and loved it WHILE it worked.
This week got a FT msg. so I drained the condensation tank (which has happened only once before on a very humid week).
Now it puts out NO cold air even though the compressor comes on. Delonghi customer service was no help at all and I will NEVER buy another Delonghi product again. Off to Lowes/Home Depot this pm to get a replacement AC.

PF Error Code Solution (Bob, 4/19/2011)

Thanks to WA in an earlier post, my solution was similar to his. As mentioned, my unit also stopped working at season #3 with the PF error code (probe failure). The 6 screws holding the front panel in place, face the rear side. There are 2 screws inside the handle cups, one on either side. remove the single screw on the left side of of the vent louvers (next to the little motor that opens and closes the louvers). There are 2 screws inside the vent that hold the top part of the back cover. The insides were a mess, and I vacuumed out and wiped away most of the dust. If you look inside from the front, towards the left side, next to the compressor fan and at the bottom, there are the two probes (which are flat little clips that dip into the water well) I thoroughly cleaned these, traced these wires up to the top where they connect to the circuit board, and like WA mentioned, I cleaned these contacts with WD-40 on a paper towel. Put it all back together and it works as good as new. However, I agree with everyone else, this AC is a piece of crap. All of the electronic components are Chinese. I could have just bought a Chinese piece of crap that would have lasted just as long for half of the money. I also have a Delonghi Magnifica coffee maker that I've had to rip open and repair as well. No more DeLonghi products for me.

consumer fraud (Steven Harvey, 8/8/2010)

I purchased this portable air conditioner in June/2009, and I actually only got a two month use out of it. The compressor will no longer work properly and when I called DeLonghi,they were so KIND(if your Hitler)to tell me it was my problem. I could pay the 350$ for shipping or just buy another. This company I feel is deliberately frauding consumers at our pricey expense. I will no longer add to they profits by using nor recommending to anyone this companies products!!! SHAME,SHAME,SHAME DeLonghi...(KARMA WILL GET YOU)


Bought in May '08 from Lowe's. Worked 1 summer.Filteration system is horrible. I would't recommend anyone to buy this product or not feel comfortable shopping at Lowe's

Never Again (Ernie B, 7/19/2010)

I purchased 3 DeLonghi L90's 3 summers ago. All Three worked great the first summer. Last summer in NE PA was very mild so we didn't use the AC's, window units or portable. This summer very hot so I put the window units in and put the Delonghi units in. All units worked great the 1st 2 weeks and then it started. The first unit stopped cooling with no error message. It just stopped cooling. Now the other keeps giving a PF error. I called DeLonghi and you can't buy internal parts. Was told I could ship to repair in NY or Ohio at my expense. I called Lowe's where I bought them from, but they are no help. Looks like when you buy a Delonghi you are purchasing a $500 disposable AC. I am seriously thinking of not shopping at Lowe's. I question their judgement by selling this worthless product and no one backing it up.

fixed the pf code (WA, 6/28/2010)

this unit stopped working and displayed the pf code for probe failure. i fixed it by removing 6 screws for the panal and 4 screws for the back panal and removing the 5 screws and 1 screw holding the ground wire off the silver box with the circuit board in it then i un plugged the little plug for the 2 probes with the black wires in it and replugged it in and wiggled it several times with the unit pluged in( be carefull not to get shocked i recomend someone with electrical exsperiance do this for you)the plug must get corroded but this fixed my unit (good luck)

I now have a large $500 door stopper (Chris, 6/26/2010)

Bought in 08 and worked for that summer. Last year we fought the LT, FT crap and this year the same thing. I'm done! I would NOT recommend anyone to buy this brand and Lowe's should be ashamed.

DeLonghi PAC / Pinguino - Kenwood (Anonymous, 5/14/2010)

Piece of junk, compressor won't come on. Now it's just a $500+ fan. A/C repair places won't touch it. I won't consider buying the newer model, it's an expensive throw away item. Purchased in 07 and only ran 3 months a year.Shame on you Kenwood for being associated with DeLonghi.

3 PACL90s and 3 failures

Each PACL90 lasted from 1 to 3 months (none made it thru a Summer). All from Lowe's. Lowe's should drop ALL Delonghi ACs. There is no way that I would waste money on anymore DeLonghi products of ANY sort.

PACL90- 2 year life (Matt, 9/20/09)

This unit worked great until the PF "Probe Failure" indication showed up and the unit stopped running. Estimate of $120.00 PLUS shipping to Illinois to get it checked out. Too expensive for no guarantee. Service is poor. Not sure how this company will stay in business long term. I will not be buying this brand again and will now look elsewhere for a new portable A/C.

Quit with PF (Jeff, 9/19/2009)

After buying the PAC 190 in the Spring 2007, it worked well for 3 summers. In Sep 09, it quit with a PF indication. Cleaned the filter and the coils underneath, no change. Removered the six screws to the front panel, cleaned everything including the coils inside the bottom of the machine. It was full of dust and dirt. The a/c's filtration system is inadequite. It took careful work. It works like new now.

Busted piece of crap (Evan, 8/28/2009)

Almost made it 2 seasons and now I've got the "Ft" display - totally dead and it sounds like I've got no options. Stay away from this piece of crap.

Mine just died as well 12Aug09 (Ronald, 8/13/2009)

I too need suggestions on what to do. Purchased in 07 for hurricanes but decided this year to save on electric bill I would use to cool the bedroom. Take back to Lowes? Closest repair shop is on the west coast of FL. CHEAP window units last for years. Why doesn't the DeLonghi?????

Great product...until it just died today... (Kristen, 7/14/09)

Had this unit bought for me by my BF when he realized it would be impossible to stay the weekend in the unbearable heat in my room. I was excited, and the new unit worked fantastically, cooling my large apt-size room, within minutes. It was an awesome mechanism, and I didn't mind the sound; after all, I lull asleep to a humming sound anyway.

But today it just died. I thought it might be the filter being clogged, but after finding this section online, I see it was probably the compressor, since I, too, received the letters on the digital screen.

And being discontinued, what I am to do? I cannot afford to get this beast repaired, and I am sure it is undoubtedly a higher price to pay, finding a place whom can fix it or whatever.

Either way, I enjoyed the unit while it lasted. I will try one last stitch effort to run it again tonight, but I have a feeling--based on these posts--it won't. Too bad it doesn't last longer.

This product is a rip off (Cynthia, 6/30/2009)

I can't believe this company. We have only used this until 2 summer, excuse me 1 summer and 1 month this year. It won't blow cool air. I would be ashamed to to sell this product. We paid over 350.00 for it at Lowes and are told, Sorry but you will have to paid for it to be returned and also fee's for repairs. I have told other people how wonderful it it, quess I know why it's not longer for sale. You need to aleast offer some kind of adjustment. I don't expect to hear back from [DeLonghi] but I can promise you the better business will hear about [DeLonghi].
[Editor's note: Edited to correct company name]

Doesn't Last Long (Terri, 5/28/09)

Bought this unit from Lowe's 6/08. Worked great until this week (5/25/09). Apparently the compressor went out and it's Discontinued. For the hefty price tag it should have lasted a LOT longer.

One and done (H. Shaw, 4/25/2009)

Bought the L90 in 2007. It worked for one season then gave out. Difficult to find a convenient repair center. It's DISCONTINUED. Will buy a new one this season, but it won't be Pinguino. Bad product, bad service.

I love it! (JA, 12/9/2008)

My room is in the attic, so obviously I bake in the summer. Since I purchased this air conditioner I've been freezing at night. Never had a problem. It is a little loud which is why only four stars. But otherwise I adore it.

Good while it worked (Jeff, 8/21/2008)

Bought at Lowes in April 07. Worked fine in a 10x12 bedroom. The compressor will scare you at night when it comes on. Unit broke in July 08 with a PF code. Out of warranty, had to drive 50 miles to repair center and spent $150.00 for repair. Can't recommend as an appliance in this price range should last many years before any repairs needed.

Beware of Warranty Service (Bruce, 7/31/2008)

I also purchased this unit at Lowes in Jone of 2007. Suddenly the FT light came on. There was no fluid in the tank. After calling the 800 number for service, I was told the unit would need to be sent the nearest Service Center in ILLINOIS. I live in Minnesota. Nice way to keep repairs to a minimum. I don't recommend this unit to anyone. CHECK THE WARRANTY Information first.

20'X10' 3 sides glass facing South sun porch

PAC-L90 makes the porch useable day and night this "HOT" summer. Looking for another one to replace dehumidifier in basement " laundry,craft,sewing room". That unit will cool the room and dehumidify unlike the dehumidifer which puts in a lot of heat.

Piece of Junk

I purchased the DeLonghi PAC L90 from Lowes in May of 2006, it has not worked since the purchase. I have not been able to get any satisfaction or find out how to have the compressor replaced or repaired since it was purchased. Major stores should take responsibility in pulling items that are discontinued or at least allowing the customer to make the decision of whether or not they want to purchase the item. My family has respiratory issues, and with our limited budget, we cannot afford to keep purchasing equipment that does not work.

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The BEST models have:
  • 3 fan/cooling speeds.
  • A 24-hour timer.
  • Self-evaporation technology.
  • A remote control.
  • An EER of 10 or higher.
  • A noise level less than 50 dBa.

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