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DeLonghi PAC C100 / PAC C-100 Portable Air Conditioner

Best price found: $439.95
BTU's: 10,000
Cooling power used (watts):  
Noise level:  
Number of fan speeds: 4
Heater: No
Self-evaporating: Yes
Water tank: Tankless
Moisture removal per day (pints):  
Timer: 24 hr
Hose type: Single
Size - Volume (cubic feet),
4.67 c.f.
18.2" x 14.6" x 30.4"
Weight: 77 lbs
(34.93 kg) lbs.
Notes: Has remote
From the Manufacturer:

The DeLonghi PAC C100 is a self-evaporating unit that discharges the moisture collected from the air out the exhaust hose, so you do not have to empty the unit by hand.

The unit comes with an adjustable thermostat and a 24-hour timer that is programmable.

This unit cools, dehumidifies and filters air, functioning as an air conditioner, dehumidifier and air purifier. Each function can be used individually, or the three functions can be used together.

The air filter helps remove dust, pollen and allergens from the home environment.

There is a 1 year warranty on parts and accessories and a 5 year warranty on the compressor.

Reviews of DeLonghi PAC C100 / PAC C-100 Portable Air Conditioner

Fabulous Equipment (S. Kerry, 9/2/2011)

Will recommend this little baby to anyone and everyone so verstile.

Poor Customer Service by DeLonghi (8/1/2011, Laura H)

I purchased the unit from Lowes when I found that a part was missing Lowes referred me back to DeLonghi. After 5 telephone calls must have this - must have that - must fax copy of receipt. ect. I found the missing part is on "National" back order. Six weeks for delievery- Mid September - Not when you need it in Ohio

Do not buy from Delonghi!!!!! (Dee Trowbridge, 6/29/2010)

We have one of these portable A/C units and we really like it so we ordered a second one for another room. I used it a couple of times and now it doesn't work. Now we have to send it back and the cost to ship it is $175.00!!!! And that is our responsibility! You cannot send it through the post office because their maximum weight is 70 lbs. and the A/C unit alone weighs 77 lbs. We live in Texas and the nearest service center is in IL. I am so angry right now I want to scream! In the warrantee it states the owner is to pay shipping cost to service center. That is OK if it is a reasonable amount. But after using it 3 times, then it stops working, you find out you have to pay $175.00 to send it back, now that is ridiculous! If you don't want to deal with this problem, don't buy from them!!!!!

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The BEST models have:
  • 3 fan/cooling speeds.
  • A 24-hour timer.
  • Self-evaporation technology.
  • A remote control.
  • An EER of 10 or higher.
  • A noise level less than 50 dBa.

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