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Amcor NanoMax A12000E / NanoMaxA12000E Portable Air Conditioner

Best price found: $369.99
BTU's: 12,000
EER: 14.4
Cooling power used (watts): 830
Noise level:  
Number of fan speeds: 2
Heater: No
Self-evaporating: Yes
Water tank: Has tank
Moisture removal per day (pints): 60 pints
Has tank
Timer: 12 hr
Hose type: Single
Size - Volume (cubic feet),
3.13 c.f.
12" x 15" x 30"
Weight: 50 lbs
(22.68 kg) lbs.
Notes: Has remote
From the Manufacturer: The Amcor Nanomax portable air conditioner cools a room of up to 400 square feet with 12,000 BTUs of power.

Patented NanoMist technology is designed to automatically eliminate water collected while cooling, so you don't have to empty water buckets. Water is misted out the exhaust hose with the hot air, removing up to 60 pints of water per day.

An easy-to-read digital display on the main body, and remote control make the unit easy to operate, setting temperatures and preferences.

Also included are an adjustable thermostat, a 2 speed fan and a built-in timer.

The unit has a stylish design and a single vent hose, which comes with a vent hose installation kit.

Washable pre-filter helps collect dust particles and prevent bacteria build up.

Air flow is controlled through adjustable louvers.

A 1 year manufacturer's warranty on all parts and a 5 year warranty on compressor are generally included.

Reviews of Amcor NanoMax A12000E / NanoMaxA12000E Portable Air Conditioner

Amcor products are junk (Todd H. Kratzer, 7/25/2010)

I bought 4 air conditioners off of QVC they are Amcor CF14000E . None of them blow cold air. I am so pissed off at Amcor and QVC.

AMCOR OUT OF BUSINESS (Anonymous, 4/8/2010)

DO NOT BUY AN AMCOR PRODUCT. The company merged with American Comfort Worldwide [see Editor's notes below] and they DO NOT provide any parts, service, or technical support. I purchased my Amcor Nanomax CF14000E last year and it stopped blowing cold air when I brought it out for this season. I called for technical support and was told they could only SELL me a refurbished replacement.

[Editor notes: American Comfort Worldwide informed us that although they purchase Amcor's excess inventory at the time Amcor went out of business and sold off that inventory, they have no other relationship with Amcor, does not have responsibility for Amcor's products and should not be contacted for support for or information about Amcor products. Amcor leaves no forwarding contact information and all corporate support and warranties for Amcor products appears to have been eliminated. Your best bet is to contact a local appliance repair center if you need assistance with your unit.]

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The BEST models have:
  • 3 fan/cooling speeds.
  • A 24-hour timer.
  • Self-evaporation technology.
  • A remote control.
  • An EER of 10 or higher.
  • A noise level less than 50 dBa.

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