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Amana AP125HD / AP125HDS DISCONTINUED Portable Air Conditioner

Best price found: $200.00
BTU's: 12,000
EER: 9.6
Cooling power used (watts): 1250
Noise level: 54 dBa
Number of fan speeds: 3
Heater: Yes
Self-evaporating: Yes
Water tank:  
Moisture removal per day (pints):  
Timer: 12 hr
Hose type: Dual
Size - Volume (cubic feet),
5.11 c.f.
18.5" x 14" x 34.1"
Weight:   lbs.
Notes: Has remote, air flow not adjustable
From the Manufacturer: The Amana AP125HD portable air conditioner cools with 12,000 BTUs. The air conditioner is also a heater for cold weather. The unit features electronic controls with a remote so you can change settings anywhere in the room. The auto evaporation system means that moister collected by the dehumidifier feature is expelled through the air vent and you do not have to empty a water tank. There is a EnviroClean Coil in the unit, and it comes with a power saftey cord. You'll also find:
3-way air direction
12-hour timer
window exhaust kit
digital time and temperature display

Reviews of Amana AP125HD / AP125HDS DISCONTINUED Portable Air Conditioner

Junk, bought 3 at one time, none work correctly (Steven Fults, 12/30/2011)

It's no mystery why these are discontinued. Spent a ton of $$ on 3 and none work correctly. Very poor design and workmanship. NO SUPPORT. I'll never buy an Amana again.

Not great (Melanie Voiles, 7/28/2010)

Purchased a year ago. Last summer it was cooler than normal and the machine worked well. This year with the humidity and high temperatures it does not cool well in our 12x10 bedroom. The humidity was causing us to have to drain the condensation numerous times during the day. So bad that we had to rig up a long hose for the water to go down the steps and into the sump pump. It has been mostly a hassle and is loud, large, and not worth the effort.

Great concept, poor execution (MC, 7/15/2010)

I purchased the unit to cool a 300 sq ft room, which a 12000 BTU A/C should easily do.

However, it has yet to cool below 78 degrees (F). Considering it is the size of an aircraft carrier and sounds like a jet landing, I have to wonder what exactly this thing is doing.

Had to do it again, I'd purchase two smaller window units.

Amana AP125HD Refrigeration Died (Tricia, 9/6/09)

Purchased June 2008 Worked great Used maybe 3 days in garage Turned on Memorial weekend 2009 to use. Fan turns on - just before cold air should start unit dies.
Anyone with this issue? How to fix? Thanks

Very happy with this unit (John, 8/1/2009)

I have had this unit for 2 years and it works GREAT! It continues to keep my bedroom cool and that is on the low setting. I have not had to empty the reservoir with the exception of the end of the summer season for storage (recommended by Amana). The exhaust system could be better designed, but it is manageable. I am currently shopping for another unit for a different room and I think that I am going to purchase another one of these.

Worth the money (Vivek, 4/23/2009)

A little research goes a long way. Yes the windows installation kit has limited use because of different window sizes and remarkably poor engineering. But that is an easy fix. I went to Tap Plastics (a local plastics fabrication shop - they makes signs, etc.), gave them the measurements for the 1/4" plastic panel I wanted to fit in my window, and had them cut holes for the hoses, and drill screw-holes. Worked great. I am amazed at people giving this unit 0 and 1 stars because the window kit is not fantastic. I imagine they really wanted the window kit and the A/C unit was just a bonus. The disappointment must have been unbearable. The unit itself works great, and is relatively quiet. No water to throw out. The hoses are sturdy and can be adjusted to any position. They work as designed. As I mentioned earlier, the only thing to complain about is the window kit, and, though it could have been designed better, there is now way to make it fit all imaginable window sizes. And that is, for me, a small problem, one I can fix.

unreliable (Heidi, 8/6/2008)

We purchased this AC last year & it was, as others stated, poor quality of the window exhaust, loud, temp. control off. Now our 2nd year of using it & it doesn't work. Thats a lot of money to spend every 2 years. This is our 2nd portable AC, our first was a Haier and that lasted 2 years also.

It Cools But Therm Has Gremlin (Kimberly: June 24, 2008)

This AC cools great - but it is loud, and worst yet, I'll set the temp and then it will go lower by itself until we freeze and wake up. Not good for our newborn for whom we bought it in the first place. Too darn heavy to want to return to Big Lots where we purchased it for under $200.

Best Portable I've ever purchased

I disagree with most of the reviews regarding this Amana AP125HD. Firstly, it cools the room quickly and with a low noise factor. No need to empty any water as mentioned. The Hoses are durable, and of top quality. They are "slinky" like, and adjust, bend, stretch to about 5 ft. in length. I would not hesitate to recommend this unit to anyone.

Not a bad unit

I purchased the unit about 6 months ago, worked well cooling a 220 sq. ft. bonus room and was cost effective. however the temp. is dropping and i began using the heater to find out that the thermostat plays no role in using the heater and it just keeps on heating until the temp. reaches 77+.

Computer Room Use - with exhast to Plenum - Tom, October 9, 2007

This unit installed in less than 15 minutes. I purchased a 5' galvanized ring that allowed me to install it into a ceiling tile, and used a coupler to use the two hoses to take the warm return and exhaust it above the drop ceiling.

Now My computer room with 4 systems is nice and cool, and the unit is QUIET.

Anyone wanting one in a computer room--this is the unit for you.

Window Patio Kit/Condensation dissatisfaction - Ronnie, August 18, 2007

I certainly agree with Chris 2007-06-19, and the review "I thought Amana was a good brand": This unit is too big and clumsy to deal w/exchanging it. However, this is the only option available. I purchased an ext. warranty, for service on the unit only to learn service is not available on the unit. Only exchange.
Bad enough I too had to install the dual-hose sys. w/some ingenuity because the hose kit is ridiculously ineffective. And, the stiffness of the hoses prevents easy mobility of the unit. Now, I am having trouble w/condensation from the unit. Extra water comes from the bottom of the unit, around the coasters. This is in addition to water expected to come from the unit, from the drain plug. The unit is supposed to require little to no drainage, but, again, even that is supposed to come from a drain plug. So, I'm left w/no choice but to go thru the inconvenience of exchanging the unit, or settle for its problems. Like Chris, I am totally annoyed now. Because of the unit's size, a car is not big enug to transport it. We're talking a mini-van or pick-up truck. Or, of course, pay the store to come and pick it up. So, until I get myself together to go through the inconvenience of exchanging it, I have placed a tin pie-pan beneath the unit to try and catch the unexpected water. If it's not one thing w/this unit, then it's another. Ingenuity is really required to keep it.

I thought Amana was a good brand

This was the worst purchase of my life. $500 down the tubes - Window kit was designed by an idiot. I was laughing as I tried to screw in the screws and busted each thread due to them not fitting. But I rigged it up rather than returning due to the size and time it takes the AC flowed for a few days - Then I started getting a loud screaching sound - Apparently a motor or something - Water stopped filling up the water reservoir that I had been emptying every day. I tried to bring it back to Fry's but the 15 day return time frame had passed - Contacted Amana but not expecting any help.

Two hose system

I have just purchased a AP125HD and it is a two hose system. I do agree [with] another review that window kit is a bit of poor engineering but with a small amount of wood, screws and some weather stripping I have my unit installed neatly. The hoses are stiff and I guess for a reason. It does make positioning the unit a bit difficult. If the unit is a true 9.6 energy efficiency It should work well supplementing my central air conditioning. I'll re-post when I have given this unit a full months worth of service.

Chris 2007-06-19

This is the first time my dissatisfaction with a product has prompted me to write a review. The installation of the "window exhaust kit" is ridiculously frustrating considering the screws are the wrong size and the sliders are a different height than the rest of the unit. After a lot of manipulation - not to mention duct taping etc, I was disappointed to realize that I cooled about 100 sq. feet of my apt-and it is huge as are the vents going into the window. If I didn't live in a major city with no car, I would have returned this product immediately.

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The BEST models have:
  • 3 fan/cooling speeds.
  • A 24-hour timer.
  • Self-evaporation technology.
  • A remote control.
  • An EER of 10 or higher.
  • A noise level less than 50 dBa.

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