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Portable Air Conditioner Vent Hose and Installation Kits

What’s a vent hose kit for a portable air conditioning unit?

All portable AC units have an exhaust or vent hose that expels the warm air. The hose must either run outside through a window, into another room or into a drop ceiling. They can also be vented through a wall, or into a dryer vent. The vent hose is typically about 5 feet long. Most portable AC units come with a kit so that you can run the hose out a window. (These kits will not work with crank windows.)

How Window Kits Work

Window kits usually contain a piece of Plexiglass (which will allow in light) several inches high and long enough to fit into most casement windows. Other kits use foam as the window insert. You trim the length of the Plexiglass or foam so it fits into the bottom of the window. Then, cut a hole in it to a size designed to fit the hose. These work well with casement windows. You cut the Plexiglass or foam to fit the window, cut a hole in the Plexiglass or foam (if not precut), usually about 5 inches. You attach one end of the hose to the window and the other to the portable AC unit. Hoses are generally 5 feet in length.

Steps to Installing a Window Kit

  • Choose a window within 5 feet of where the portable AC unit will sit.
  • Attach the exhaust hose to the connector on the AC unit.
  • Trim the Plexiglass or foam window insert to fit your casement window.
  • If necessary, cut an opening in the Plexiglass or foam for the hose.
  • The window kit contains an adapter. Attach that to the Plexiglas or foam.
  • Place the window kit, with adapter, into the window.
  • Connect the exhaust hose to the window kit adapter.
  • Shut the window to meet the spacer.

Remember to keep the exhaust hose as straight as possible. Avoid lengthening the hose, and don't use an extension cord on the unit.

Drop Ceiling Kits

Portable air conditioning units can also be vented through a drop/panel ceiling. Some units come with kits that allow you to do this. You can also buy drop ceiling kits, but be sure that these kits will attach properly to the unit you are purchasing.

Sliding Glass Doors and Windows

Kits are also available so that the exhaust hose can be placed in a sliding glass door or window. Again, some kits come with the AC unit. But you may have to buy a kit separately to do this.


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Window Kit Warning

Be aware that using a window kit will cause the window to not be properly closed and locked. Additional security measures should be taken, especially if installing the window kit on a bottom floor.

Did you know?

Every portable air conditioner requires an external venting area, such as a window.


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